Book Nerds Review of The Husband Hazard, by Vivien Paige.

Who doesn’t love bringing a bad boy to his knees? Who doesn’t love a little bit of animosity and bickering to elevate the sexual tension? Characters that purposely add fuel to the fire… Misunderstandings…. Misjudgments… Misguided good intentions. What else could you ask for in a romance?!
What started out with her being only a prop in his master plan for revenge turns into hearts colliding, sparks flying, and intense passion. Her intentions were to marry his brother. He knows it, she knows it. Yet they are pulled to each other from their very first meeting, brother be damned! This impenetrable bad boy is cracked wide open. Hearts are left bleeding out on the floor…
Book Nerds absolutely, positively recommends this book! It’s a great, quick read full to the brim with emotion for all of you hopeless romantics out there. It will tug at your heart strings the way only a great romance can. Highly suggesting you check this out!